Care Coordination


Shilling connects your patients to the right provider
at the right time.

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Automate appointment scheduling with low-lift implementation.

Convert web visits into appointments

Limit the virtual waiting room

Analyze your scheduling experience

HIPAA and SOC2 Compliant

Shilling is proud portfolio company of:

Provider Scheduling

Intuitive and convenient scheduling with bi-directional integration

  • Immediate confirmation and patient/provider matching filters

  • Simple appointment update and cancellation

  • Advanced features such as recurring and stacked appointments

  • Workload thresholds and buffer time to prevent provider burnout

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82% of patients prefer a doctor who offers patient self-scheduling

Patient Intake

Build beautiful, performant intake flows in minutes with drag and drop form builder

  • Create flexible and powerful forms with option to apply logic

  • Customizable colors, fonts, images, and structure

  • Give patients the ability to connect data directly from pharmacy, labs
    and more

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80% of patients choose providers based on convenience factors alone

Capacity & Workload

Make intelligent resourcing decisions and never be caught short-staffed

  • Track your provider capacity and workload by geography, or based on custom filters

  • Predict your future needs based on this data to ensure sufficient capacity and avoid burnout for your existing providers

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We are a team of friends and colleagues who have an outstanding track record of consistent delivery from small startups to Fortune 500.
Gar Walsh
Co-Founder, CEO
Steve Partridge
Co-Founder, CTO
Kelley Kirk
Co-Founder, COO
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Why the Name Shilling?

CEO Gar was born in Ireland and is a native Gaelic speaker. The old idiom “chomh glan le scilling” (as clean as a shilling) was used to convey extreme cleanliness.

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