Our Story

In early 2020 we sought out to help the community battle COVID-19 by building a comprehensive network of pharmacy, diagnostic, and vaccination data.

Having built integrations reaching the majority of US pharmacies and labs, and reaching 250M American lives, we began applying our technology to help developers solve some of the biggest problems with the consumer healthcare experience.


We are a team of friends and colleagues who have an outstanding track record of consistent delivery from small startups to Fortune 500.
Gar Walsh
Co-Founder, CEO
Steve Partridge
Co-Founder, CTO
Kelley Kirk
Co-Founder, COO
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Why the name Shilling?

CEO Gar was born in Ireland and is a native Gaelic speaker.
The old idiom “chomh glan le scilling” (as clean as a shilling)
was used to convey extreme cleanliness.