Shine a spotlight on your practice performance

Shilling's dashboards provide a comprehensive analysis of your patient journey and provider capacity.

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AI powered resource planning

Actively monitor provider capacity and workload at an individual or aggregated level.

Take advantage of smart notifications that tell in advance when you when are likely to hit configurable thresholds.

Comprehensive patient funnel visualization

Analyze your patient journey from start to finish to identify friction points that are causing drop-off.

Make informed product decisions to address these issues and convert more web visits into appointments.

Every organization is unique
Take advantage of flexible solutions that meet your needs.

Use our dashboards and your data

For Practice Analytics customers who do not use Shilling's Intake and Scheduling solutions, we provide flexible web-hooks which can be dropped into your application to power your Analytics dashboard.

Custom Dashboards

Don't see something you need? A customer success manager will work with you to create custom dashboards that address your specific data analysis needs.

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