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Product Designer


As a Product Designer at Shilling, you'll shape how university administrators use our products to keep students, staff, and faculty safe. You'll also be instrumental in building the culture and process of design.

• Unearth user needs, conceive features, design flows, and bring experiences to life.
• As the voice of the user, ensure that Shilling stays grounded in UX and psychology.
• Work closely with engineers. The best products arise out of tight collaboration between designers and engineers.
• Constantly seek to improve our UX and brand.

What we're looking for:
• 5+ years of relevant design experience at a product- and design-driven company.
• Strong UX, interaction-design, and information-design skills.
• Proven ability to solve complex problems with simple, elegant solutions.
• A willingness to take on tasks outside your comfort zone.
• Basic programming skills
• Strong communication and writing skills.
• A sense of humor and a desire to learn.

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