The complete provider scheduling solution

Let your providers manage their schedules with a powerful and intuitive interface that fits seamlessly into existing workflows.

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Say goodbye to provider burnout

Providers can combat burnout by  configuring buffer time between appointments and a maximum number of appointments per day, week, or month.

More time with patients, less time on admin

Shilling's interface makes managing provider schedules a breeze.

Create blocks of available time, duplicate schedules across multiple weeks, configure schedule preferences and see all upcoming appointments, all in just a few clicks.

Shilling Elation Integration: Enhanced self-scheduling

  • Full multi-timezone support
  • Customizable patient self-scheduling workflows
  • Seamless, real-time data reconciliation
  • Clinical integration
    Providers continue to view schedules in Elation
  • Administrative integration
    Patients, charts, appointment types managed in Elation

A delightful Patient Scheduling experience

Shilling uses AI to expose smart schedule data that can be used to power your existing Patient Scheduling experience.

We also offer embeddable Patient Scheduling UI that is fully customised to your specifications.

We fit right in!

Worried about asking your providers to use a new tool?
Shilling's provider scheduling fits right in to your providers existing workflows.

Two-way integrations with your providers' existing calendars

Do you currently manage schedules with Google Calendar or iCal?
Connect with the Shilling platform in seconds and add advanced functionality to your existing process.

Embed scheduling in your native platform

Copy and paste one line of code to display your provider schedules right in the application your providers are familiar with.

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