A challenging workplace where every day is different

We invest in employees who are willing to learn new things to fill the gaps that occur when addressing unprecedented challenges.

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Our values define us

Too often, corporate culture is confined to internal wikis or poorly maintained documents.
We want ours out in the open for anyone considering joining our team.

You can’t expect good results if your colleagues are operating with incomplete information.

Transparency isn’t just about saying what you feel, it’s also about saying it at the right time.
Pub Quiz rules: don’t tell me you knew I was wrong only when they are reading out the answers.
Speak up!


Words have meaning. No "just saying" stuff.
Expect to back up all statements and commitments.

If you can't deliver something you committed to on time, tell someone as soon as you find out.
There may be a less ideal, but quicker solution to fall back on that you are unaware of.


Everyone has their own 'language' when it comes to motivation, productivity, and feedback. We learn about each other and act accordingly.

If someone is making an effort to accommodate you, it’s because they are a good person, not because you inherently deserve it. 
Do not take advantage of it.

We're a team, not a family.

Teams and families have a lot in common, but the important distinction is that in a team performance comes first.

At Shilling, we strive to provide the care, security, and respect you might expect from a family but in return we ask for consistently excellent delivery and timely, honest feedback.